Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Over the weekend I have been going down the harbour at 5 in the morning to move the boat due to the big tides.
I have had divers out in the morning so by the time we get loaded and get out to sea I have to be away before the tide is to low.

Yes I could have gone home for a few hours but I had to load the boat with their air tanks and then make sure I had enough hot water for the day. My cousin did the same thing but he had to go home to cook breakfast for his divers and then come back again. This was another reason I did not go home as he brought me a cracking bacon and egg sarnie.

While he was away and I got myself sorted the sun was coming up and I managed to get a good few pictures. I was trying to be a little bit arty but I'm not sure if it really worked. I kinda liked them but my cousin was not sure. Judge for yourself..

There was not a ripple in the water when we got out of the harbour until the tide changed a few hours later and even then it was still good.

This was the view from my office and window on Sunday morning

After a great day on the water I decided to give the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse a go and stay up to see it, but by 12pm I was shattered and decided that I would sleep on the couch, set my alarm and get up in a few hours. Of course I slept in but at least I managed to catch the end of it. By the time I was done it was 3.30am and I had to be up in 3 hours but it was well worth it even though I was a tad bit tired today.

Anyway the pictures are not very good as it was my first attempt and I did muck up a bit because I could not keep my camera steady due to the size of the lense but after a bit of googling I found out where I went wrong and it was a school boy error. Never mind you life and learn and with a bit more practice, hopefully I will crack it.

I know they are rubbish but I did enjoy witnessing it.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Seal Pup

On late Sunday afternoon we were on our last trip when Andy (my crewman) noticed a seal pup on the Brownman Island. I quickly turned the boat around to see if it was ok and good news folks it was.
It looked in good shape and then it was looking for its mother for a feed. At this stage we decided to leave them to it.
On our way back we stopped again for a cheeky little look and the mother had moved from the rock she was laying on, to be close to the seal pup.

Everything looked great and fingers crossed this little fella will grow up to be big and strong.

I will keep you posted as there was a few mothers starting to get high up on the rocks so it will not be long before there will be loads of pups around again.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sad News

I bring you sad news about the two seals that were born on Friday 18th 2015.

We looked everywhere today to see if we could find the new born seal pups but after half an hour we gave up. I made quick phone call the National Trust Rangers and found out that they had no luck either.

Nature is such a cruel thing at time and we have come to the conclusion that the tide has come in and washed the pups out to sea.

It breaks my heart as they looked okay and they seemed to be playing with each other at one stage. I know they were early and I know this happens lot with the first ones born for the season but it does not make it any easier to take.

Boy does this place give you some highs and lows at times but you have to except it and hopefully the rest of the season brings better news for all the seals.

A few pictures of the cute little things on this very sad day.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Been a cracking few days.

On Monday we were sitting outside the harbour when the fog came in and as we were waiting for our guests I  got a call from my cousin saying that he nearly hit a Basking Shark as he did not see it until the last second due to the fog.
After asking where he was I decided to go and have a look. After a few minutes I realised I was wasting my time as it got thicker and thicker and you could hardly see your hand in front of your face never mind find a basking shark.

We gave up and headed back to the harbour. At least he gave me all the readings, times etc. Oh well next time hopefully.

We never made it out either and who could blame anyone not wanting to go out in that kind of weather.

A change of weather and a change of sightings. A good few Arctic and Great Skuas passing through. A dozen or so of lingering Guillemots. Gannets galore and a single Puffin.

We had a single Sooty Shearwater near the Longstone Island which is always a pleasure to see.

On Thursday we saw 6 Bottlenose Dolphins and a good few boats got good views too. It was really nice to see a firm favourite of ours "Barracuda" swimming past the boat and they were really showing off to. Some were tail slapping the water and others were jumping clean out of the water. When you here people saying "Oh Wow" a lot you know it was a good jump.

I never get tired of seeing this and its really nice to see the smiles on people's faces which makes it extra special.

Fingers crossed the weather keeps up and we start to see loads so I can keep on blogging.

Oh and did I mention we had our first two seal pups born today. That will be my next post.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Change of Plans

It feels like ages since I blogged so I thought I would pull my finger out and get one posted.

Its all gone quite at the Farnes now and even all the Kittiwakes are leaving, but at this time of the year you get to see the Fulmars in all their glory as they use the boat like a spitfire airplane would
have done in the war.
They appear from know where and the next minute they are right beside the boat. In the past they have given a few of our guests a shock as they are so close to them.
They are very impressive the way they turn right at the last minute and then do a full circle around the boat and back again.
They must be enjoying themselves as you can see a little sparkle in their eyes as they guide past the boat, as if to say, "you will never catch me".

I do like these seabirds and when there is hardly any other birds around, it gives you a good chance to see how graceful they are, and it not until then do you really appreciate the elegance of this wonderful seabird.

On Wednesday 9th, we decided to have a little change. We only had a few people on the landing trip and when they were on the boat we asked them if they fancied seeing some Minke Whales. They all looked at each other and said "Why not", so of we went out into the big blue.
A friend gave me a tip off so it was a good chance we might hit lucky. After about half an hours steam we can accross Gannets diving and sure enough a minke popped up right in front of us.
Two minutes later another surfaced and boy this was a big one. It must have been about 30ft which is the biggest a minke gets.
They both surfaced three times and then dived. It was a good few minutes before they surfaced again and they were really close to the boat by this time.  I still get a buzz seeing these wonderful mammals and to get two beside each other is great.
I was also talking to another friend and he said that his pots are full of herring eggs, which is another great sign. Minke whales love herring and so do alot of seabirds as we spotted 2 Sooty Shearwaters feeding, a few Arctic Skua's and lots of Gannets.

After a good show we headed back towards to Farnes were we saw at least 3000 Gannets diving. They were not bothered about the boat at all, as they were more intrested in filling their bellies. Once again another great sight.

I was buzzing, my crewman Andy was buzzing and I could tell our guests were too by the smiles on their faces. Over all a great trip and I was so pleased they said yes to going.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

North East Blog Awards

I have been nominated into the North East Blog Awards and I would love it if you could nominate me once again.
I have looked at the other blogs and their is some amazing blogs out there and the north east have a lot to offer which is why I would love it if you could take time out for 5 minutes and vote for my blog.

There is not a section for me but if you go to the Best N.E. Leisure or Travel section and vote for me there I would be very grateful. Also if you could add why you think my blog should be nominated that would be very kind of you too.
Just click on the NOMINATE ME link below

I will keep you all updated and thank you once again for reading my blog as I hope you get as much pleasure in reading it as I do writing it.
Thank you


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Minkie Whale

We saw our first Minkie Whale on Monday 17th August and we were a little lucky to be honest. It was spotted by another boat and myself and Andy had just drooped our guests off onto the Inner Farne when we saw it around his boat. We decided to go for it and when we arrived it was feeding in the same area. We had it for over half and hour and we even had time to shout my brother so he could come and see it too.

Unfortunately my guests did not see it but at least Toby's guests did. Fingers crossed we see more now and there has been reports of herring around so that's always a good sign.

So on that note we are going to do a couple of "Finding Fins" trips on the 1st and 2nd September from 9.30am for 3 hours. To book please call the booking office from 9am to 5pm on 01665 721667 and evenings on 01665 720760.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Summer Aurora 16/08/2015

A very unexpected summer aurora happened the other night and I had promised myself an early night but was never going to happen when I was receiving text alerts. Here is a link if you want it 
I first went to the harbour to do some test shots and the second I started I knew that I had forgot something. It took a while for the penny to drop and I realised I  had left the main thing at home, my tripod. What a prat and I was scared to go home to get it just in case it was all over by the time I got back. I decided to balance my camera on the pier wall and take a chance. At first I thought it would be ok but after a while I had to take a chance and go home as it was not really working.

I jumped into my van and drove very very slowly up the main street, ran into the house, grabbed my tripod and ran back to the van. Once I was in the van I decided to head to the beach as the tide was just about to come back in and I thought of the reflections on the wet sand would be nice.
Once again I drove very slowly along the road, not breaking any speed limits as it had not been long since I did my speed awareness course and I did not want to go to one of those again. I'm not saying its a waste of time or anything like that I just did not want to take another day of work to do it.

I parked safely on the road side and sprinted down the beach, arriving safe and sound to see that the aurora was still in full swing.

After a few pictures there I went a little further along the beach to a different area to try something different. I'm not sure it worked but I kinda liked it.
After that it was back into the van and off to Stag Rock Lighthouse remembering everything they taught me in the class room. Once arriving I realised I was not along as two other photographers had the same idea. After a few pictures I decided to have a look around for something different before heading home at 3am.

I was totally goosed by this time and I had to be up in 4 hours time to move the boat. Not a nice thought but it was well worth it.

Enjoy everyone and I'm sorry but I did tweet to say it was happening and if you were in Seahouses area and did not see it then I'm sorry but I did tell you.

 From the harbour towards the Farne Islands

The north beach


I wanted to knock on this campervan to tell them the aurora was happening but I knew that would not go down well at 2am

Through the key hole

Bamburgh golf club

Grace Darlings grave


That's it and I hope you like them.  Lets hope this winter will be a good one and remember always look north on a clear night as you never know what you might see.

Thanks for reading
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